“Deep Learning 4 Us” – Call for Applications

The University of Tokyo, in cooperation with the Chair for Frontier AI Education Japan (FAIRE), will hold a 6 week Deep Learning lecture series for engineers starting in January 2018. The online course, which will be powered by iLect, is free of charge and open to everyone. The teaching language will be Japanese.

To apply and for further information (Japanese), please visit http://dl4us.com. The application deadline is December 30.

The content of the course is provided by Matsuo Laboratory (The University of Tokyo), consisting of six application-oriented topics with carefully designed exercises. Since the infrastructure is provided by iLect, each participant will have access to their own GPU environment for a truly hands on learning experience.

Course Overview
Lecture 1 : Handwriting Recognition (Introduction to Neural Networks)
Lecture 2 : Object Recognition (CNN & ResNet)
Lecture 3 : Neural Machine Translation (Seq2Seq, LSTM, Attention)
Lecture 4 : Image Annotation (Attention)
Lecture 5 : Image Generation (Generation model, VAE, GAN)
Lecture 6 : AI for Games (Reinforcement Learning, DQN)