What is ilect

iLect is a research and learning platform that focuses on the desired task instead of the required effort involved in the setup and maintenance of the needed technical environment. It can be used in various ways; providing lectures (Deep learning, Machine learning, Data science, etc.), conducting research, and developing.

Accessible by browser

Only a standard web browser is required to make use of the platform. Any recent version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer will run the site without problems.

Click and Go

To start coding, just click “Login” and “Start” to get your full-featured programming environment. Skip the hassle of learning linux commands and connecting to unmaintained environments.

Batteries Included

All the dependencies and requirements are installed and available. Furthermore, iLect can be customized to meet your needs whether you are teaching a lecture or conducting research.

Servers included

Since iLect provides a virtualized instance for each user, most of the services such as MySQL, MongoDB, supervisor or cron can be included in the environment and accessible just like an ordinary server.

Deep Learning ready

iLect supports deep learning libraries such as Theano, tensorflow, chainer, and more.


A graphics processing unit (GPU) is also available for those that might require or greatly benefit from its computing power, like weather modeling or data science.

Fully virtualized & Scallable

The platform utilises virtualization to ensure all initial environments offer equal performance and features. It is also very simple to scale, on demand, the number of environments to meet your needs.


Everyone has a dedicated environment, completely separated from the rest of the users, allowing freedom to explore without artificial constraints.

Class Management

iLect can manage a series of lectures and provides a leaders board, homework submission, scoring, and assignment management.

Research and Development

iLect provides a computational environment for practical research and development. iLect can be fully customized and used in various ways.